polimine™ FPS Underground Personnel Tracking System

polimine™ FPS is a positioning system that allows location-based tracking of assets based on a special infrastructure, especially in areas where GPS signal cannot be received, such as underground mines. The fusion positioning algorithm is designed to combine Wi-Fi and Motion Sensors technologies so that the worker can find his/her position in the mine as close as possible to reality.

polimine™ U-MAP Smart Seamless Mesh Access Point

polimine™ U-MAP is a zone reader based on Wi-Fi Technology. It provides uninterrupted communication support in the event of a possible collapse thanks to its built-in battery and ear-to-ear communication feature. With its fusion positioning feature that combines Wi-Fi technology, it supports the closest positioning to reality. It is fully compatible with polimine™ F-Tag devices.

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 Technology
  • Protected Against Power Failures
  • Ear-to-ear Wireless Speech Feature
  • IP66 Protection Class
  • 3 Hour Battery Life
  • Power Failure Report
  • Communication Failure Report

polimine™ F-Tag Smart Wireless Personnel Tracker

polimine™ F-Tag is designed to determine the location of the worker in the mine in the closest way to reality with its fusion positioning feature that combines Wi-Fi and Motion Sensors technologies. With its vibration and light warning features, it allows you to send warnings to your underground workers in emergency situations. It can detect the immobilisation of the employee with motion sensors. Thanks to its wireless charging feature, it eliminates cable-related problems.

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 Technology
  • Motion Sensors
  • Inactivity Detection
  • Cordless Charging
  • Battery Level Indication
  • S.O.S Emergency Call
  • Vibrating and Light Warning
  • 9 Hour Battery Life

Energy and Communication Infrastructure

Thanks to the common network and energy infrastructure established by our expert field teams in standards suitable for underground conditions, all systems required by your business operate on a single infrastructure. Thanks to the latest technology firewalls installed on the closed circuit network infrastructure, the system is protected against external attacks. Since almost every type of automation system accepted in the world can communicate with TCP/IP protocols, additional automation requests that may be needed in the future can be easily installed on the same infrastructure. Thanks to fibre optic cable technology, it eliminates the communication problems of large-scale enterprises. It supports audio and video communication, allowing you to communicate in real time with your personnel many kilometres away.

  • LS0H 4 Core Fiber Optic Cable
  • LS0H Fireproof 3X2,5 Electric Cable
  • LS0H CAT6 Ethernet Cable
  • Integrated Audio and Video Communication Support with the System in case of need
  • Satellite Internet Support Integrated with the System in case of need
  • Redundant Additional Energy and Communication Resources Against Emergencies

polithinq™ CUI Flexible Designable Interface

Thanks to polithinq™ CUI, you can design the panels suitable for your needs as you wish. Thanks to the advanced authorisation interface, you can authorise your designed panels to different personnel within the enterprise. Due to this flexible infrastructure, you can monitor, report and control all your automation solutions such as Gas Monitoring, Personnel Tracking, Smart Ventilation and Signalling System from the same screen without the need for additional software.

  • Dashboard Tools such as Indicator, Alarm List, Feature List, RTLS etc.
  • Support for Designing a New Tool - BETA
  • Advanced Authorisation Support
  • Remote Monitoring Support
  • Mobile Compatible (Smartphone, Tablet), User Friendly Interface
  • Support for Generating Report Printouts in Excel, PDF Formats
  • Historical Location, Alarm Reports and Excel, PDF Printouts Support
  • Instant Monitoring of Alarm, Location, Gas Level Changes Thanks to Real Time Communication Technology
  • Through Area Control, Area-Region Personnel, Shift Tracking, Area Entry-Exit Control Support

polithinq™ WF Workflow Editor

Thanks to polithinq™ WF, you can easily make the rules suitable for your needs by using the workflow editor. Thanks to its user-friendly visual interface, you can save time and technical labour by making additional requirements that are not in the system but you need by drag-and-drop method. polithinq™ real-time triggering mechanism automatically starts the rules you specify according to the changing characteristics of your assets. With polithinq™ WF, you can create alarm scenarios specific to your needs, generate periodic report outputs and send them as e-mails to the people you specify within the enterprise. In addition, if you wish, you can control your machines and equipment within the enterprise via the cloud.

  • Event and Time Based Trigger Mechanism
  • Single and/or Batch Personnel, Tool Property Change Support
  • Notification Support via SMS
  • Notification Support via E-Mail
  • Support for Creating Emergency Scenarios
  • Machine Learning Support with Artificial Intelligence Plugin - BETA