• polithinq™

    Industry 4.0 portal

    polithinq™, by combining data from all your assets, primarily machinery and equipment, through a robust cloud infrastructure, it enables you to monitor and manage your business from anywhere connected to the internet.

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  • polimine™

    A Special Integrated Portal for underground mines

    polimine™ In addition to systems required by the legislation such as instant personnel tracking, gas measurement systems in underground mines; It is a mine automation solution that incorporates additional modules such as automatic fan control, vehicle signaling systems, critical area/area control that will increase the efficiency of your business and optimize your consumption, and can integrate the data it collects with the IT systems of your business.

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  • poliwipe Laundry Technologies


    Laundry Technologies

    poliwipe™, It is a technological product group that offers technologies such as Textile Tracking with RFID, Chemical Dosing Systems, Machine Efficiency Tracking, which are frequently needed by industrial laundries, to the use of laundries with cloud-based solutions in line with the Industry 4.0 concept.

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  • Special Solutions

    Custom Automation Solutions for You

    As Polirons Technology, we transfer our experience in areas such as data acquisition, process control and positioning systems to your special projects. We can support the realization of your projects and ideas with our experienced R&D team.

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With 10 years of knowledge and experience, Polirons Technology develops Industry 4.0 compatible; Environment, Vehicle, Equipment, Personnel Monitoring, Production Process Control, Energy Management and System Automation solutions using up-to-date software and hardware technologies.

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  • Data collection & Analysis

    Collection and/or remote management of your machine and equipment data via local gateways

  • Customized Solutions

    As Polirons Technology, we transfer our experience in areas such as data acquisition, process control, positioning systems to your special projects.