Industrial IoT Platform

polithinq™ allows you to monitor and manage your business from anywhere you are connected to the internet by combining the data it collects from your preferred assets, especially machinery and equipment, with its powerful cloud infrastructure.

  • Data Collection Drivers
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure
  • Abstract Object Layer
  • Abstract Communication Layer
  • Customisable Displays
  • Workflow Editor

polimine™ FPS

Underground Personnel Tracking System

polimine™ FPS is a positioning system that allows location-based tracking of assets based on a special infrastructure, especially in areas where GPS signal cannot be received, such as underground mines.

  • Fusion Positioning Algorithm
  • Fiber Network
  • Underground/Overground Two-Way Emergency Calls
  • Motion Detection Feature
  • Uninterrupted Communication Support in Emergency Situations


RFID Textile Tracking System

poliwipe™-ID is an automation system that works on the principle of labelling textiles with RFID tags and scanning them from RFID stations at each washing and dispatch stage and tracking them in this way.

  • Soiled/Laundry Counting Station
  • Packing Station
  • Clean Dispatch Station
  • Mobile Security Point Station
  • Advanced Reporting & Cloud Based

polimine™ GMS

Gas Monitoring System

polimine™ GMS is a gas measurement system that can be integrated with the Underground Personnel Tracking System and works without additional infrastructure costs by communicating on the same infrastructure and allows the gas levels in underground mines to be monitored and recorded from above ground.

  • Suitable for Fibre Network Infrastructure.
  • Can Operate Independently from the Main System.
  • Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Methane (CH4), Ammonia (NH3), Air Flow Velocity, Temperature, Humidity.

polimine™ SINGIN

Underground Intelligent Signalling System - BETA

polimine™ SINGIN is an intelligent signalling system that can be integrated with the underground personnel tracking system to organise the movement of vehicles within the mine

  • Special Tracking Device for Vehicles
  • Priority Settings via Zone Definitions
  • Passage Violation Alarm
  • Vehicle Speed Limits Alarm

poliwipe™ CDS

Liquid Chemical Dispensing System

polywipe™ CDS is an automation system that works on the principle of delivering liquid chemicals to each machine separately from a single point through pipes laid inside the laundry.

  • Recipe Editor
  • Live Submission Tracking with Mimic Diagrams
  • Machine and Chemical Based Consumption Reports
  • Chemical Level Monitoring and Alarms

polimine™ SVS

Underground Smart Ventilation System - BETA

polimine™ SVS is a ventilation control system that can be integrated with the underground personnel monitoring system to ensure that underground ventilation systems operate as required and thus optimise consumption.

  • Automatic/Manual Operation Mode
  • Automatic Full Capacity Switching Mode in Emergency Situations
  • Automatic Switching Between Fan Capacities According to Measured Gas Levels and Underground Personnel Density in Automatic Mode


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polimine™ includes additional solutions to facilitate your underground operations.

  • polimine™ AssetMeter | Underground/Overground Personnel Cumulative Display LED Panel.
  • polimine™ UView | Underground Video Systems
  • polimine™ UPhone | Underground Voice Communication Systems