polithinq™ allows you to monitor and manage your business from anywhere you are connected to the internet by combining the data collected from your preferred assets, especially machinery and equipment, with a powerful cloud infrastructure. In the rest of our article, we will briefly explain the main features of polithinq™ portal as Data Collection, Customisable Dashboards, Workflow Editor and IT Integration.

Data Collection

polithinq™ sends the data it collects from all kinds of machinery, equipment, vehicles and personnel to the cloud system over the internet via asset gateways. polithinq™ also transmits the messages and requests received through polithinq™ to the machines and equipment with the same gateways. You can integrate your existing installed system with the cloud system with this method. polithinq™ asset gateways contain the necessary drivers to communicate with PLC systems such as Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi. In this way, you can collect data from your existing automation systems by entering the necessary parameters without the need for additional software, and you can control your system via the cloud if you wish.

Customisable Dashboards

Thanks to polithinq™ CUI, you can design the panels suitable for your needs as you wish. Thanks to the advanced authorisation interface, you can authorise your designed dashboards to different personnel within the enterprise. While designing your dashboards, you can benefit from tools such as Gauge, Map, AlertBox, PropertyListBox, Counter on polithinq™ CUI. You can design a new tool according to your needs and use it either publicly or only for you.

Workflow Editor

Thanks to polithinq™ WF, you can easily make the rules suitable for your needs by using the workflow editor. Thanks to its user-friendly visual interface, you can save time and technical labour by making additional requirements that are not in the system but you need by drag-and-drop method. polithinq™ real-time triggering mechanism automatically starts the rules you specify according to the changing characteristics of your assets. With polithinq™ WF, you can create alarm scenarios specific to your needs, generate periodic report outputs and send them as e-mails to the people you specify within the enterprise. In addition, if you wish, you can control your machines and equipment within the enterprise via the cloud.

IT Integration

polithinq™ portal, thanks to its API support, exchanges data with ERP, MRP systems within the enterprise and easily transfers the data collected from the field to these systems. This method eliminates the human factor in the transfer of critical data such as consumption and alarms to ERP and MRP programmes.